Custom Waterproof Shade Structures

Call them tension membrane structures, tensile fabric roofs, fabric structures, architectural membrane structures, or simply fabric architecture. Tension Span Structures Pty Ltd, a member of The Vesl Group has over 35 Years experience in design and manufacture of waterproof shade structures in Australia and worldwide.

Tension Span® products include Flexshade®, Quartet™, Lotus™, Hypar™, Tetra™ and Auto™ pre-engineered tension structures, designed for hurricane force winds and relocatable or permanent application. Flexshade® modules span from 2.5m to 15m (8ft to 50ft) and are linkable into a wide range of footprints.

Over 35 years of Membrane Structures Experience

Tension Span Structures Pty Ltd (member of The Vesl Group) is a leader in the design and manufacture of Fabric Architecture in Australia and Worldwide since 1977. These innovative fabric structures provide designers and clients with exciting aesthetic forms, large clear spans, soft natural light, self-cleaning surfaces, fire resistance and maintenance free long life.

Such features offer creative opportunites for retail, municipal, exhibition, resort and leisure projects.

Tension Span® structures are performing for clients all over the world: from the cyclonic tropics to the deserts of Australia; the heat and humidity of Singapore; the huge snowfalls of Lake Tahoe; the icy winds of Wisconsin and New York; the hurricanes of Florida and Puerto Rico to the cool damp of Microsoft's European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Professional expertise, proven fabric performance and over 35 years of fabric membrane structure experience have gained Tension Span® projects worldwide recognition, including several MSAA and IFAI International Achievement Awards.

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