J. Owen Grundy Park - New Jersey, USA

Project Size: 2050 sq.ft (243 sq.m )

After over 20 years of use and exposure to the elements, the J. Owen Grundy Park on the Jersey City waterfront was in need of major repairs. Our aim was to create iconic shades for the redeveloped pier, lending a modernistic touch and giving new life to an important historical site.

These futuristic Flexshades® tension membrane structures were specially designed using our Lotus™ model as a starting point. Shade structures by day - futuristic light sources by night; each structure providing dramatic illumination for the pier in the evenings. Provision for snow and ice loads was made in the structural design.

Flexshade is not restricted to standard sizes and custom designs are available. With technology and engineering derived from our large custom tension membrane structures, each Flexshade product is designed and manufactured to exacting standards to meet worldwide design codes.

For more information, view the Project Profile.

Back O'Bourke Exhibition Centre - Bourke, NSW Australia

Project Size: 1,250 sq.m (13,450 sq.ft)

Tension Span has completed the last of over 3500 sq.m of dynamic tension membrane canopies shading the exhibition displays at this legendary Outback town.

The Back 'O' Bourke Exhibition Centre has been developed as a world class facility nestled in a spectacular natural setting amongst the river red gums on the banks of the Darling River. The structures are made from Tedlar PVF membrane fabric which reflects heat and blocks

Themed on the history of the Darling River, its floods, dry times and billabongs, people flow through connected buildings shaded by Tension Span membranes.

For more information, view the Project Profile.

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