Singleton Aquatic Centre - Singleton Australia

Project Size: 2,800 sq.m (30,100 sq.ft)

Tension Span Structures completed an upgrade of the Portomod tension membrane pool enclosure at Singleton Aquatic Centre, Singleton, NSW, 200km from Sydney.

The modified Portomod enclosure has a new retractable roll-up north wall and new high translucency Roof & Liner Membranes of Seaman 8032 MW Tedlar PVF and 9320 Acrylic/Urethane PVC/Polyester. The original Portomod was installed by Vesl Tension Span in 1983.

A severe hail storm caused over $100 million damage in the Singleton Area. Tennis ball sized hail stones did not penetrate the 14 year old fabric, while nearby skylights and conventional roofs were shattered.

Singleton Shire Council's Insurer covered the cost of the Roof Membrane after concluding that the 14 year old fabric still had at least 6 years of life when damaged. (i.e. 20 years life); a practical example of the structural integrity and longevity of the Seaman fabric.

Today's advanced DuPont MW Tedlar PVF top finishes give the prospect of another 20+ years life for this remarkable structure

For more information, view the Project Profile.

North Sydney Olympic Pool - Sydney Australia

Project Size: 2,500 sq.m (26,900 sq.ft)

North Sydney Olympic Pool installed a new air inflated removable enclosure in May 1987. The curved red and white membrane provides winter protection for the 50 metre Olympic Pool, Toddlers Pool and is removable for the summer.

Designed to withstand 42m/sec wind load, the air structure has a clear span of 26.5m x 66m long and an overall height of 8.5m (restricted to meet local grandstand view lines).

Fabric used was Seaman 8032 Acrylic coated PVC-Polyester with enhanced abrasion resistance for handling the wear and tear of annual removal and re-installation.

The membrane was originally given a 10 year life expectancy, but recent inspection shows that the fabric is in exceptionally good condition, the red stripes still bright; with negligible mould or wicking growth on the white membrane fabric. One of the best harbour views in the world is a fitting place for this veteran performer.

For more information, view the Project Profile.

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