Aquatic & WIDESPAN™ Fabric Structures

Love swimming, playing sports or horse riding? These days people want to have access to sporting facilities all year round, and not be limited by the elements.

Worldwide climates always vary depending on the time of the year or your location, with hot summer months and wet and windy winters. Having covered facilities for your patrons is huge plus for any organisation.

At Tension Span Structures we can custom design and manufacture WIDESPAN™ Structures. These huge arched membranes can cover Aquatic Centres, Bowling Greens, Equestrian Enclosures, Soccer Stadiums or any other cover requirements. These allow your amenities to be used rain, snow, hail, wind or shine!

Warranties on Fabric Structures

Premium architectural fabrics are used. Theses translucent membranes eliminate most needs for daytime lighting; their self-cleaning surfaces, fire resistance provide a maintenance free long life. All support frames are coated using a superior system and a wide range of colours gives an attractive long-lasting finish. By using the best products and a tested manufacturing process, Tension Span is able offer warranties of up to 20 years.

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Aquatic & WIDESPAN™ Projects

Tension Span Structures designed and manufactured Aquatic Clearspan projects Australia wide, these structures are not just limited to Aquatic Centres and Sporting facilities but can be used for any other WIDESPAN Structure.

Buran Space Shuttle Enclosure

Singleton Aquatic Centre

North Sydney Olympic Pool



WIDESPAN™ Bowling Greens