Marina Mirage - Australia

Project Size: 3,500 sq.m (37,674 sq.ft)

Tension membranes in the form of anticlastic hypars, supported by an inclined mast and perimeter steel trusses at roof level were replaced using special erection & dismantling equipment. Each sail module consists of two separate membrane elements each connected along the two sides of the perimeter truss and by curved cables to the central mast. The apex height of each sail creates the effect of main and jib yacht sails, and two mast heights (16 and 20m) were chosen.

Due to the severe weather exposure, the highest quality fabrics and fittings were required. Seaman BW Tedlar, PVC/Polyester Fire Resistant architectural fabric of 10% translucency was used throughout. The Tedlar surface finish on brilliant white exterior provided the desired guarantee of good appearance and durability for the life of the structures.

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Buran Space Shuttle Enclosure - Sydney Australia

Project Size: 3,350 sq.m (36,040 sq.ft)

A real Space Shuttle in Sydney's Darling Harbour!! This unique attraction was brought to Sydney from Russia by a group headed by Dr Paul Scully-Power, Australia's first NASA Astronaut.

Tension Span Structures Pty Ltd was engaged by Buran Space Corporation to design, manufacture and install the tension membrane enclosure housing the BURAN (meaning Snow-Storm) Space Shuttle, mission control centre, 3D Theatre and other displays. The huge arched tension membrane structure is 28m span x 58m long x 18m high with a surface area of some 3,350sq.m.

The tension membrane soars over the 17m high tail of the Buran Space Shuttle. The translucent membrane of Seaman BW Tedlar, on PVF/PVC Polyester floods the interior in a soft natural light. Sidewalls of 'Soviet Red' PVC Polyester complete the structure.

Located adjacent to the Star City Casino, Sydney Media Centre and Darling Harbour with spectacular City and Harbour Bridge views, the Buran Space Shuttle Exhibition cannot be missed in the Olympic City.

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