Shade Structures: RSL & Sporting Clubs

RSL and Sporting Clubs are located in most towns and cities throughout Australia, they were original created to give people with common interests and history a meeting place where they could spend time together with their families, to share a meal and a drink. Today these Clubs have opened their doors and memberships to the whole community, which has enabled them to improve and expand their facilities by offering an attractive meeting and dining place.

A number of these Clubs have outdoor spaces which require shelter from the elements. Tension Span Structures has been able to offer number of permanent shade solutions that are not only practical but also double as an architectural feature.

Quality Shade Sturctures

At Tension Span we pride ourselves on only using superior materials with a proven manufacturing process which enables us to give warranties of up to 20 years. All support steel is coated using a high quality system in a wide range of colours that offers an attractive long-lasting finish, perfectly tensioned to the supports is a high quality architectural fabric. With FR rated fire resistance, self-cleaning surfaces which allows natural light to give a soft diffused ambiance to the space.

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Tension Span Structures have completed a number of projects for local RLS and Sporting Clubs, these have enhanced the entrance to these Clubs and their alfresco dining areas.

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Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

shade structures clubs

RSL Clubs

shade structures clubs

Moreton Bay Boat Club