Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron - Brisbane, Australia

Alfresco Dining Covered by Tension Span.

Tension Span has completed a rebuild and expansion of the alfresco dining area Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly, Brisbane, Australia. Using a novel and innovative tension membrane structure design, the spectacular structure covering a 35m x 25m area provided an innovative design to solve a complex retro-fit and extension of the alfresco dining area.

Working closely with Architects, the design meshed with very complex geometry of the existing clubhouse and foundations. Three canopies blend together in a play of light and colour. The new structures feature a spectacular external mast supporting the east end with existing conical hexagonal rebuilt at the west end.

Soft natural light and superb detailing with all stainless fittings have produced a visually pleasing and delightful ambience for members and guests of this home of Yachting in Queensland.

For more information, view the Project Profile.

Moreton Bay Boat Club - Brisbane, Australia

Located on the northern tip of the Redcliffe Peninsula, the Moreton Bay Boat Club overlooks their marina and offers spectacular views of the Glass House Mountains.

Working closely with the Club, Tension Span designed and manufactured an eye catching canopy that doubles as a striking architectural feature while also giving protection to their patrons from the sun and strong winds on its promenade deck.

The three linked conicals with 2m overhangs has made the promenade deck a visually stunning and relaxing space to enjoy a meal and drink.

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