Pavilion on Northbourne - Canberra, ACT, Australia

Project Size: 1,030 sq.m (10,080 sq.ft)

When you enter the Pavilion Hotel on Northbourne Avenue in Canberra, this vast atrium lights up before your eyes. This large and busy hotel is located in Canberra's inner city, making it a convenient venue for visitors from all walks of life. A large open area is a suitable place to relax and enjoy a drink in the hotel's bar area.

The interior of this large open area has been attractively designed with plenty of greenery, providing a warm tropical setting, decreasing the noise level and adding privacy.

Over 1000sq.m of translucent tensioned membrane was installed by Tension Span to re-invigorate this attractive space. While it allows the light to shine through, it prevents UV rays from burning sensitive skin. The light level is ideal for the growth and health of the greenery while providing the perfect ambience for patrons.

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Kelapa Gading Mall - Jakarta, Indonesia

Project Size: 790 sq.m (8,500 sq.ft)

Tension Span adds to Jakarta's skyline with swooping Tension Membrane Structures reminicent of a Java Longhouse and an attractive Eatery Terrace Canopy are features of Kelapa Gading Mall in Jakarta.

Tension Span Structures designed and installed the structures in association with Rice Daubney Architects, Taylor Thompson Whitting Engineers and Developers PT Summarecon Agung. Seaman 8032 Tedlar PVC/Polyester was used for these striking additions to the Jakarta Skyline.

For more information, view the Project Profile.

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