Arundel Service Station - Arundel, Australia

Project Size: 406 sq.m (4,368 sq.ft)

Located adjacent to a major growth corridor to the Gold Coast, this fuel station canopy has proven a major attraction for motorists. The four linked conical membrane provides high quality shade over eight filling bays with spectacular lighting effects at night.

The use of tension membranes has proven a durable low maintenance option for increasing numbers of commercial applications.

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Agora Pavilion - Winconsin, USA

Project Size: 385 sq.m (4,144 sq.ft)

A Tension Membrane Structure of a sloping conical form, externally supported by tubular steel frame and perimeter braced columns. The "Agora Pavilion" was conceived as a gathering place for community activities, social and cultural events and farmers markets. The client had tried movable tent structures, which proved inadequate, and the design was developed to meet clear span and aesthetic requirements. The structure was designed for 90mph wind and 35 psf snow loads. The analysis involved modelling of slid and packed snow.

The 'A' frame uses a well placed 'kink' in the plane to minimize bending at the attachment points. All steel is hot dip galvanised (pins) and polyurethane coated. Fittings and fasteners are either galvanised (pins) or stainless steel. The apex cone is vented and the frame splices detailed to fit within the tube diameters to give a neat appearance. Stainless steel fittings are used on all guy cables. The fabric used for this structure is made from durable PVC fabric.

For more information, view the Project Profile.

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