Plenty Ranges Centre - Whittlesea, Australia

Project Size: 545 sq.m (5,864 sq.ft)

Plenty Ranges Arts & Entertainment Centre is a new development for the Shire of Whittlesea, north of Melbourne. The Shade Canopies for the Courtyard are surrounded by buildings on two sides and the Theatre Wall. Tension Membranes were used because the hard architecture required a free form shape to soften the high vertical wall and to provide shade with good quality light levels.

The wall attachment is a series of short SS Cables connecting to a catenary edge to both membranes. The overlap was designed to add an element of weather proofing and play of light and shade.

The project was executed with precision and made the courtyard a pleasant shaded summer space with some degree of weather protection. The unique edge detail of overlapping sails on a high wall with cable elements was effective in adding visual impact to the Courtyard.

For more information, view the Project Profile.

DART Station - Dublin Ireland

Project Size: 348 sq.m Each (3,745 sq.ft)

The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) is part of the suburban railway network running mainly along the coastline of Dublin Bay. Tension Span Structures Pty Ltd provided custom made canopies for the overpasses of four railway stations as part of this Irish transport provider's Enhancement Project.

As all four stations are situated along the parts of the route that lie close to the Bay, the custom made canopies were designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions that whip up along exposed areas. The sloping surfaces of the tensile structures direct rain run-off into two drainage channels, keeping any overspill away from the tracks and, more importantly, away from the commuters.

The Tedlar fabric used in these custom made canopies is highly weather resistant, and carries a ten year warranty. The fabric retains its flexibility even in very cold conditions and is noted for its superior performance when compared to other acrylic or PVDF membranes in the long life of its colour and gloss.

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