Fabric Structures in Municipal Public Spaces

Local Governments and City Councils all over the world want to ensure their town centres, public buildings and outdoor spaces not only look great but meet the needs of visitors and the local community alike.

Municipal Upgrades, Extensions or general Enhancement Projects are underway in towns and cities all over the world to meet the growing demands of increased public use. Redevelopment or repairs to locations are preserving historical sites from age effects and damage from the elements.

Tension Span Structures have been part of a number of these projects in Australia and Worldwide. The redevelopment of J. Owen Grundy Park in New Jersey USA, the Enhancement project for several DART Stations in Ireland and the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion project, are some notable examples.

Fabric Structure Warranties

With over 35 years’ experience and an advanced manufacturing method, Tension Span are happy to offer warranties of up to 20 years. A high quality colour finish is applied to all frame supports which is matched with perfectly tensioned architectural fabric. Our superior fabric is FR rated for fire resistance, self-cleans but still allows natural light to filter into the space below, giving a soft well-lit ambiance.

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Municipal Projects

Tension Span Structures designed and manufactured numerous fabric structures for Municipal projects worldwide, this has included government and council projects through to schools, parks and other public spaces.

Nerang Railway Station

Sunshine Coast Airport, Australia

J. Owen Grundy Park - USA

Back O'Bourke Exhibition Centre

Plenty Ranges Entertainment Centre

DART Station - Ireland